Within the general objectives of the Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University, and to cope with the ever increasing development in computer and information technologies, the Computer Engineering Department has the specific goal of supplying creative engineers capable of performing basic and applied research in engineering sciences related to computers not only to cover scientific research but also to come up with non-traditional solutions to technical problems confronting various organizations within the government, industry and private sector.

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The current program has been designed to support both academic and professional interests as well as all the necessary soft communication and entrepreneurship skills. The core courses provide the skills necessary for a computer engineer to analyze, design, develop and implement Intelligent computer and information systems and computer networks. The curricula emphasizes the areas of computer hardware design, computer networks, and machine intelligence, embedded and distributed systems, operating systems and system software engineering and database and information systems engineering. More emphasis now is given to computer and network Security, wireless and mobile networks, big data and data mining. In addition to giving the student a fundamental background in Computer Engineering, a wide variety of elective courses allow for study and research in many specialized areas. These areas cover image processing and computer vision, robotics, expert systems, and computational intelligence.