Accreditation Activities

The department targets to fulfill five goals through its activities:

1- Improving the educational venue and working environment for students, faculty and staff.

2- Improving the quality of education.

3- Establishing an IT services and e-learning system.

4- Developing the human resources in the department and employing them to serve the stakeholders and the project.

5- Developing the necessary tools and facilities to apply for the accreditation.


Faculty of Engineering has been accredited on 21/3/2016.

Computer Engineering Department has applied in Round 1 in the accreditation for 2019 which includes 4 programs.

You can view the recent National Academic Reference Standards (NARS) from the following file:      Engineering NARS 2018

A SWOT analysis has been conducted to decide the enhancements that can be added to the action plan. The SWOT analysis report can be accessed from the following file: SWOT-Report-2019