Student Life is in charge of you our most elementary task helps students get the most out of their experiences in the university. With Student Life you can find your own personal niche on campus connect to students within or beyond your residence hall, organization, or academic program get involved with student organizations, leadership opportunities, and campus jobs and internships and pick the housing and dining and living options that work right for you essay writing website Other nations have clear competitive advantages to exploit in the global marketplace: the United States in technology and military capability China as an industrial powerhouse and Germany as a leader of European integration.


The mission of the program is to create modern education and research environment that attracts high caliber students through:

  • Encouraging faculty , support staff, administrators and technicians to sustain their efforts.
  • Continuously improving the teaching and research facilities and laboratories.
  • Providing access to up-to-date information resources.
  • Attracting funds from government, private sector and alumni.
  • Continuously updating the program teaching curricula in cooperation with industry and other stakeholders.
  • Facilitating career opportunities, internships and scholarships to its graduates with the continuity of communication with them.
  • Equipping the graduates with the essential communication skills that qualify them to assume their social responsibilities after graduation.
  • Producing high quality engineering graduates in the area of electronics and communications
  • Enhancing the role of information technology in the educational, research and administrative activities and in community services.